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Instagram like hashtags

What are the most popular Instagram-like hashtags

Your Instagram marketing strategy can be made or broken by hashtags Popuular like hashtags are used. More potential customers will see your posts if you use them correctly.

It can damage your Instagram account if you select the wrong hashtag, from annoying potential followers to getting penalized by Instagram’s algorithms.

Understanding hashtags and thinking about a strategy are key to using them effectively.

Instagram like hashtags

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Hashtags on Instagram: what are they?

The hashtag (e.g., #NoFilter) combines letters, numbers, and emojis. Content is categorized and categorized to make it easier to find.

It is possible to click on hashtags. In an Instagram hashtag search or by clicking on an Instagram hashtag, users can see all posts tagged with that hashtag.

Hashtags on Instagram: why should you use them?

Using hashtags helps you reach wider audience on Instagram. Posts that use hashtags will appear on the hashtag’s page. The hashtag you use in your Story may also appear in the hashtag page’s Story with the same hashtag.

Hashtags can also be followed, so people who still need to follow you can see your hashtagged posts in their feeds.

Building your brand’s community online with Instagram hashtags helps you engage with people. The #playinside hashtag was used by Nike Los Angeles to promote local people getting active in their homes in 2020, as the way people work out changed suddenly.

All that being said, it’s a changing world. The Instagram SEO effectiveness vs. Hashtags experiment we conducted recently looked specifically at 2022. 

Instagram hashtag types

There are nine distinct types of hashtags on Instagram:

Hashtags for products and services

#handbag and #divebar are examples of basic keywords to describe your product or service

A niche hashtag appeals to a specific audience.

#travelblogger or #foodblogger are a little more specific, showing where you fit into your industry

Instagram hashtags for industry communities

You can find and join communities on Instagram using these hashtags. Take a look at #craftersofinstagram or #gardenersofinstagram

Seasonal hashtags or hashtags for special events

#nationalicecreamday and #nationalnailpolishday are just a few of the holidays that can be referenced here, such as real holidays like #summerdays or seasons like #summer days.

Hashtags with locations

#vancouvercraftbeer or #londoneats can both be good hashtags to include with your Instagram post, even if you geo-tag it

Hashtags for each day

The #MondayBlues hashtag is followed by the #SundayFunday hashtag, and so on. Check out our daily hashtag list if you want an easy way to add hashtags to your posts.

Hashtags that are relevant to the phrase

The hashtags serve as community hashtags when combined with niche and product hashtags. On Instagram, people use phrases like #amwriting or #shewhowanders to connect with their existing communities in an insider way.

Hashtags using acronyms

Throwback Thursday is the most well-known acronym hashtag. In addition to #OOTD and #FBF, other popular acronym hashtags include #YOLO and #FBF.

Emoji-based hashtags

You can use emojis in hashtags, such as #????, and words or phrases containing emojis, such as #sunglasses.

Instagram hashtag usage

A number of hashtags in a regular post is 30, while the number of hashtags you can use on a Story is 10. Commenting or captioning with more will not post.

But you shouldn’t use that many hashtags just because you can on Instagram. Every business or post by the same business should use the appropriate number of hashtags.

Most people agree that starting with about 11 hashtags is a good idea. Generally, Instagram users use between three and five hashtags.

For your business, you’ll need to test different approaches.

What you need to know about hiding hashtags on Instagram

Ending your Instagram caption with a prominent series of hashtags may not be a good idea after you’ve spent time crafting your caption. You can make your hashtags less visible in a couple of ways.

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